Cast Members


Picture of Bingo The Dog

Bingo is everyone's favorite pet. He's cheeky and barks when excited - which is most of the time. Bingo first appears in the song named after him, Bingo The Dog but is features in many other videos. Check out Bingo's YouTube playlist to watch all the videos he appears in.  

Little Miss Muffet

Picture of Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet is famous for sitting on a tuffet and being scared by a spider. Little Miss Muffet first meets Webster the spider in our Little Miss Muffet video. Whilst it's true she is initially a bit scared by him they soon become friends and can been seen having a picnic together in our Itsy Bitsy


Picture of Webster the spider

Webster the spider is probably the least scary spider you'll ever meet. He's soft, colorful, helpful and can dance. In short, he's adorable. Webster makes his first appearance in our Little Miss Muffet video and also features in Itsy Bitsy Spider and Incy Wincy Spider. Check out Webster's YouTube playlist to watch all the videos

Little Bo Peep

Picture of Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep lost her sheep and didn't know where to find them. We first meet Little Bo Peep as she looks for her sheep in our video on Youtube. Everyone loves her so when her sheep go missing Robin, Nibbles and Mary soon help her find them. Little Bo Peep makes cameo appearances in


Picture of Mary

Mary is a magical girl who uses her pink wings to fly. She appears in many of our nursery rhyme videos and is the start of her own Mary Mary Quite Contrary video episode. She's a very friendly girl. Check out Mary's YouTube playlist to watch all the videos she appears in.


Seleb the star

Seleb is the star of our Twinkle Twinkle Little Star video but she's no one-song-hero. She's one of Ana's best friends and has magical powers to lead the kids to new adventures. Her protective instinct is strong and she keeps watch to make sure there is never any danger. Check out Seleb's YouTube playlist to


MooMoo is a very gentle young cow who dreams about being an athlete. Watch her win first place in the pole vaulting championship in Hey Diddle Diddle. Check out MooMoo's YouTube playlist to watch all the videos she appears in.


Picture of Jerry the sheep

Jerry is Ria's husband and Barney's father. He is the smartest sheep ever. He is Old MacDonald's best friend. Jerry helps Old MacDonald to produce wool with the clever wool machine that he created, look out for him in the Baa Baa Black Sheep episode. He delivers the wool to every corner of the land.


Ned is the Old MacDonald's stick-horse. He is a faithful friend who is always ready to help. Ned has a great sense of humor and makes everyone laugh. Check out Ned's YouTube playlist to watch all the videos he appears in.


In the Five Little Monkeys' story you meet the monkeys. There are four cheeky brothers and one sister. The monkeys like to jump up and down all day. Check out the Monkey's YouTube playlist to watch all the videos they appears in.


Ana is a big dreamer. She has a colorful and vivid imagination. She is interested in stars and space. She has a telescope which helps her to see all the stars from her balcony very clearly. Everything in her room has a space theme from her wall with stars and planets to her floor lamp


Arnie is Ivy and BoBo's big brother He is very strong and always protects his friends from harm. He loves wearing his yellow baseball hat with his name on. He is very helpful and has a kind heart. Check out Arnie's YouTube playlist to watch all the videos he appears in.


Otto is the most popular and famous boy in town. Everyone knows him. Otto loves acting and he plays many roles in the theatre. He often plays with KoKo near Huggy's bakery and encourages the kids to try Huggy's cakes which are very tasty. Check out Otto's YouTube playlist to watch all the videos he


KoKo is a modern and stylish girl from Asia. She loves to share her culture and customs as you can see in I Had A Little Nut Tree. KoKo's best friend is Otto, they are always playing together. Check out KoKo's YouTube playlist to watch all the videos she appears in.


Mimi is Moma to Ivy, BoBo and Arnie. She loves all three of them but sometimes has to be strict so they grow up into well behaved cats. She was very cross when the Three Little Kittens lost their mittens but still let them have some pie when clever Ivy found them again. Check out


Ivy is BoBo's big sister and just a little bit younger than Arnie. She loves both her brothers very much. She also loves music and often wears her favorite pink headphones. When she grows up she wants to be a professional ice dancer. She’s the smartest kitten by far and her mother, MiMi, is very


Barney is Ria and Jerry's son. A naughty young sheep who is always playing. You can see Barney happily strolling with Ria in Pat-a-Cake. He always helps his parents whenever they need him to, as you can see in Baa, Baa Black Sheep. He dreams about being a smart and handsome sheep just like his


Ria is a very clever sheep. She owns a balloon shop called Baa Baa Balloons. All the kids love her and can often be spotted playing with the balloons she gives them. As well as liking toy balloons, Ria loves to fly in her hot air balloon. She has a young son called Barney and

Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald has been a farmer all his life. He loves animals, in fact he loves them so much that he rides a toy horse he calls Ned almost everywhere he goes. Old MacDonald has a wonderful farm with lots of different types of animals. He’s very clever and can do lots of things. Look


Nibbles the mouse is new in town. She's a little traveller and explorer. She's never without with her backpack or suitcase. You'll see her everywhere. She appears as the kittens' guest in the Three Little Kittens and explores the forest in Hickory Dickory Dock. She even flies into space in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. BoBo,


BoBo the kitten is Huggy’s best friend. He loves Huggy very much. He’s the youngest of the three kittens and has a very clever sister called Ivy and a big brother called Arnie. BoBo loves to play musical instruments. His favourite is the violin. BoBo is famous all over town for having a sweet-tooth. He


Huggy is a dog who loves to bake and ride his wheelie-board. He can often be found baking cakes for his best friend BoBo and the rest of the crew. His favorite things to bake are Hot Cross Buns which are so famous people come running from miles around to buy. Huggy is a dog


Meet Robin, he's a very kind boy. He lives in the forest and takes care of all the animals. He wants to help to make sure they all live happily together. Robin's best friends are Old MacDonald and Otto. Sometimes they arrange journeys through HuggyBoBo Land together, as you can see in The Wheels on