Huggy’s 7 Steps

Here’s the 7 steps we go through to make each and every HuggyBoBo video:

Step 1 – ‘Music Maestro Please’

Our composers, musicians and lyricists create a new unique version of a classic nursery rhyme or create an original tune.


Music is composed using both computers and ‘real’ instruments

Before starting work they spend countless hours listening to versions already posted on other YouTube channels to make sure theirs is different to anything else out there.

In this way you can be sure you and your child will enjoy a new listening and viewing experience.

Step 2 – ‘Sing Your Heart Out’

Once the music and lyrics have been created they go off to our team of singers who vocally express the love which has been baked into the music.


Sarah Sings Mary Mary Quite Contrary

We choose our singers very carefully so as to make sure their voices match the style of the music and that they sing in a child-friendly way so your child will feel safe and comforted.

Perhaps surprisingly, many of our singers are not professionals. Instead they are parents who love to sing, sometimes they sing along with their own kids.

Want to get paid to sing for us? Audition to join our ‘virtual virtuoso’ team.

Step 3 – ‘Master Class’

Once we are happy with the music and the vocals they are are mixed together in a process known as ‘mastering’.

Picture of lady mastering Hot Cross Buns

Final mastering of Hot Cross Buns

Mastering makes the final track sound really nice and clear.

It’s exactly the same process as is performed for the stars of the music industry so you child will always enjoy first class sound quality.

Step 4 – ‘Once Upon A Time’

Each of our videos tells a short story so it’s time for our story board artists to get busy.


Story Board for I Had A Little Nut Tree

They listen to the music and get creative.

Sometimes the music suggests a story to them immediately.

Other times it takes much longer – sometimes ideas come to them when they are out walking or spending time with their families.

Once they have a story in their head, they put their ideas down on paper by creating what’s called a story board.

A story board is a very rough sketch of how the story goes, the characters in it and how the cameras will move.

Step 5 – ‘Lights, Camera, Action’

Now the real magic starts.

Our team of talented animators design characters and bring the story to life by creating a  beautiful original 3D high resolution video.


Animators working on The Three Little Kittens

The challenge they set themselves with each video is ‘how can we do this differently – and better’.

Just like the musical team, they spend countless hours checking YouTube to find out what’s already there so that each video they create is a genuine original.

Every member of the team loves children and is committed to enhancing the wonder of childhood through their work.

Creating the video involves many stages and very powerful computers are needed.

Before the final version is made, a rough cut known as a ‘wireframe’ is produced.

Click the video below to watch Arnie and Huggy magically transform from wireframe to full render.

This wireframe allows us to check all the movement and camera angles before the final fully-rendered version is created.

We produce at least one video every week so there is plenty of work to do but it’s the best job in the world as we get to put smiles on the faces of thousands of children.

What can be better than that?

We can’t think of anything, can you?

Step 6 – ‘Doors to manual and cross check’

You wouldn’t launch a boat without checking she’s watertight or take off in a plane without checking everything’s OK.

That’s why we thoroughly check each video before we upload to YouTube.

Animators checking the first draft of Wheels On The Bus

Animators checking the first draft of Wheels On The Bus

Even though there are multiple checks made during the production process, each video is subjected to independent final checks by a group of experts and parents:

  1. The visuals are checked
  2. The sound is checked
  3. The story plot is checked
  4. The overall presentation quality is checked
  5. The subtitles are checked

This means you can be 100% confident that HuggyBoBo videos do not contain anything which you wouldn’t want your child to see.

Step 7 – ‘Three, two, one – Go!’

Once we are happy that the video is fit for you to see, we launch it by uploading it to YouTube.

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