Coming Soon: Hickory Dickory Dock

Picture of Nibbles running up the tree clock

Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock!

We remember singing this one at home with our parents and will never forget the warm feeling it gave us.

Hickory dickory dock is one of the most popular kids’ songs on YouTube so it was quite a challenge to add something new to it.

We’ll be honest, we had a few false starts and had to rethink for health and safety reasons (yes honestly)

We settled on the basic ideas of Robin and Nibbles the mouse playing in the woods with the clock in hickory dickory dock being a tree.

You see, in the first draft we were going to start with Robin making arrows and hardening their tips in a fire.

Of course we rejected this immediately as there is no way we want to encourage your child to play with fire!!

Picture of rejected first idea

First idea rejected – No fire! Too dangerous

We changed the sharpened arrows to the familiar toy sucker arrows which are far safer.

As you can see from the story board section below, Robin helps Nibbles get up the the clock by shooting his arrows so that Nibbles can climb up them.

There’s an interesting twist towards the end when Nibbles uses her back-pack to fly up to the clock and the video ends happily.

We hope you enjoy watching the finished video which will be released very soon.

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Picture of Hickory Dickory Dock Storyboard

Hickory Dickory Dock Storyboard

Picture of Nibbles running up the tree clock

Nibbles the mouse runs up the tree clock

Picture of Nibbles the mouse growing wings

Nibbles the mouse grows wings

Picture of Nibbles at the end of Hickory Dickory Dock

Happy ending to Hickory Dickory Dock

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